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Download our apps to access all of your EnviroMonitor or personal weather station data. Download the WeatherLink App to access all of your personal weather station data.

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Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus station 6163 with solar radiation and UV sensors free shipping USA! this weather station is a near scientific quality weather station and is manufactured to a quality standard known as "NIST" traceable. This Wireless weather station has a transmission range up to 1000'. The Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station has greater accuracy and doubles the transmitting distance of the orginal Vantage Pro. Stations measure and display barometric pressure, indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, heat index, dew point, wind direction and speed, wind chill, rain fall, time, date, forecasts, moon phase, sunrise, and sunset.

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Thermometers, for instance, come in traditional liquid-in-glass forms and newer electronic forms, but both measure temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Other instruments measure aspects of weather like rainfall, pressure, humidity and wind speed.Davis Instruments; EZ-Bridge; JDC Electronic; ProWeatherStation; RainWise; ... ProWeatherStation TP3000WC Professional Wireless WiFi Solar Weather Station. $148.95 On ... Feb 02, 1982 · A weather instrumentation station including a louvered instrument housing containing weather instruments. An exterior double-walled housing radiation shield is disposed over the instrument housing in spaced relation thereto to shield the instrument housing from the sun.

The Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station combines rugged durability, easy installation, and Legendary Davis Accuracy to help you track and review weather conditions. Made in the USA, the Vantage Vue includes a sleek but tough outdoor sensor array and a distinctive LCD console. Products for 'Weather Station PCE FWS 20 2 '. Informations, support and knowledge about measuring instruments. If you are interested in measuring instruments ask our engineers.