Truck runs fine until it warms up

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Runs fine until then. Help? Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. Quick Reply: truck quits after it warms up HELP?

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Feb 02, 2011 · I have a 96 f superduty 7.3 tall side dump. when cold truck will turn a couple times until gauge reads that there is oil pressure but then cranks and runs fine until it gets hot, then it gets very rough and looses power. im debating putting some 15/40 rotella which is what I always use and some lucas oil stabilizer in the hpop reservoir to ... 1990 4by4 79,000 miles, b2600i fuel injected manual tranny Truck runs until warmed up then stalls, will not restart or will not start at all sometimes ....HELP! this has been very frustrating, time consuming and expensive!

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It warmed up nicely, ran smoothly the whole time, held idle nicely even after the temp came up to normal and not once did Also worthy of noting: the oil pressure was over 70 until it warmed up, then dropped to right around 20 and stayed there.Once the engine warms up, the car idles normally. I would have a technician inspect your rough idle. He will probably also check for codes on the computer. The car runs roughly upon startup. Once the engine warms up, the car idles normally. Recommended Services. Car idle is rough Inspection.

Jul 21, 2011 · I have a 2000 Expedition, 5.4, AWD, 145,000 miles, K&N Filter, original owner, very well maintained. Also use 100% gasoline 95% of time. Starts fine when cold and in cool weather but in hot weather, after it has warmed up and in particular in traffic it is very sluggish. The metal temperatures ramp up much faster than the fluid temperatures and you only need to get the oil warm enough for it to flow (will be fine by 20C). Advertisement