State the equation used to determine the energy content of a packet of light of specific frequency.


Photon Flux & Energy Density second Area Number of Photons Photon Flux J hc m W H 2 Energy Density: Photon Flux Energy per Photon : 5 For the same intensity of light shorter wavelengths require fewer photons, since the energy content of each individual photon is greater Radiant Power Density hc E J photon E J m W photons

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where, in mean-sea-level altitude (z) coordinates used here for integrating over observational data, the vertically integrated atmospheric energy content AE per unit surface area [J m −2] reads (3) AE = ∫ z s z TOA ρ c v T + g z - z s + L e q + 1 2 V 2 d z .

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proved wave nature of light by demonstrating diffraction: Planck Relation: relates frequency and energy by namesake constant (E=hv) Enthalpy (H) internal energy plus pressure times volume: Entropy (S) a measure of disorder based on the number of equivalent micro states: Helmholtz Free Energy: useful work attainable from a closed system: Gibbs ... ----- • To calculate the energy content of biogas produced in swine and dairy digesters, a heating value of 1,010 BTUs per ft3 methane was used. • Based on performance data for engine-generator sets obtained from Caterpillar, Inc., it has been suggested that the maximum thermal conversion efficiency of biogas to electricity is 28.5 percent ... 2020 By saza Simulation of ODE/PDE Models with MATLAB®, OCTAVE and SCILAB. This equation describes the waves in time and space. A line passing trough the two points A ( x , f(x))

Knowledge of the equation of state and phase diagram of magnesium silicates and light iron alloys is important for understanding the thermal evolution and interior structure of terrestrial planets. Dynamic compression techniques are the primary viable methods to create the temperature and pressure conditions that are relevant to Earth and super ... The PG&E project is significant because it addresses many generic issues and problems that have been limiting the use of landfill gas. The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority was selected to design, develop, install and operate gas engine generation equipment to demonstrate direct use of the landfill gas for supply- ing ...