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Lesson 1 - Introduction to the AutoCAD User Interface. This set of videos will give you a good introduction to the AutoCAD User Interface and the tools that are used most often and where to find them. This orientation is designed to reduce an initial feeling of software tool overload that is common to first working with a complex program like ...

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I always use the UCS rotation based on a line object, save the UCS and save a View with the same name as the UCS, so it's easy to switch back. Also, use the "EXPLAN" command instead of "PLAN" and select an object in the model so it doesn't perform a Zoom Extents.

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The world coordinate system is a coordinate system used by AutoCAD as the basis for defining all objects and other coordinate systems defined by the users. Changing to the 2D UCS Icon Display. In AutoCAD , 2007, the UCS icon is displayed in various ways to help us visualize the orientation of the drawing plane.

How to rotate your drawing in 2D without upsetting the established World Coordinate System (wcs). Useful for creating sections and aligning your site/drawing... Modul AutoCAD yang berisi mengenai Awalan Autocad, Pengenalan Layar Kerja, Pelajari SImbol Gerakan Ini, Pengenalan Mouse dan Keyboard, Saving File, Panduan Memperluas Bidang Gambar, Tutorial Membuat File baru, Latihan Efisien Perintah 1, Latihan Efisien Perintah 2, Melakukan Percobaan Lanjutan, Tips Koordinat dan vektor, Latihan 1, Cara Efisien ...