How to use lmtools utility

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Use the mps-new command with a server name of your choosing. To start that server instance, use mps-start with the -C option and the server name. Use mps-status with the -C option and the server name, and look for the text indicating that a license has been checked out to verify that your server is running.

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Sep 15, 2020 ยท Step by step installation procedure of PTC License Server using lmgrd as the License Manager; Unable to install license file; Need help to install floating license file; How to install manually ptc_d.exe, lmgrd.exe and lmtools on Windows Server 2008 R2 x64bit; Unable to install the license server for PTC using lmtools utility Using LMTOOLS (Windows Only). Using Command-Line Utilities. Acknowledgments. Using LMTOOLS, you can perform many license management tasks, such as To illustrate, the following example shows how to use LMTOOLS to see the current status of the network license manager

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Chapter 7: Using the Linker Describes how you can use the linker. An extensive overview of all options is included in the Reference Guide. Chapter 8: Using the Utilities Describes several utilities and how you can use them to facilitate various tasks. The following utilities are included: control program, make utility and archiver. Used only if the feature is to be bound to a particular host. All licenses issued before the date The following scenarios demonstrate how the Automatic Bundle Consolidation mechanism would work in The LMTOOLS interface combines license administration tools and the utilities in the lmutil executable.

On this PC we installed the LMTools and used the Network License Activy Utility to receive our new network license. That all works fine. So NavisWorks runs nice on that PC (actually 64 bits, Windows XP!). Because it runs the service and NavisWorks. Anyhow, now the other pc's have to connect to this new server. Finally we found it. LMTOOLS Utility missing products I've just tried to update to Factory Design Suite Premium to 2019. Removed old versions and installed the new products, have updated LMTools to V11.14.1.3 on the server and reloaded the new license file.