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有人用过fasttext这个文本框架吗?编程语言:java,不知道怎么用 求救 ... Eclipse Xtend对Java说:我帮你瘦身 ...

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$ ./fasttext --help usage: fasttext <command> <args> The commands supported by fasttext are: supervised train a supervised classifier quantize quantize a model to reduce the memory usage test evaluate a supervised classifier predict predict most likely labels predict-prob predict most likely labels with probabilities skipgram train a skipgram model cbow train a cbow model print-word-vectors ...

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词嵌入是使用稠密向量代表词语和文档的一种形式。向量空间中单词的位置是从该单词在文本中的上下文学习到的,词嵌入可以使用输入语料本身训练,也可以使用预先训练好的词嵌入模型生成,词嵌入模型有:Glove, FastText,Word2Vec。

Aug 14, 2019 · FastText embeddings: word embeddings with character information As explained, the FastText method uses the same setup as the Word2vec method but adds character n-grams to the mix. This approach could be quite beneficial to deal with OOV words which are quite common in Twitter microposts. FastText is an opensource and freeware library, built by Facebook, for making the natural language processing tasks like Word Representation & Sentence Classification (/Text Classification/Document Classification/Sentiment Analysis) much more efficient.