Conversion cylinder for naa cap and ball revolver

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May 09, 2015 · Steel frame, eight-inch barrel, standard cylinder. It will probably stay that way. I bought it for fun and historical interest. I think that the Remmie was the best cap and ball revolver of the Civil War and the Colt 1858 Navy was the best of pre-civil war guns.

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The conversion cylinder has a plate at the rear of the cylinder body that contains the firing pins. The plate is removed by lifting it off the cylinder body. There is an indexing pin in the body so that the firing pins align properly with the chambers in the cylinder. Removing the plate allows access to the chambers in the cylinder body.

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PERCUSSION CAPS With all balls seated firmly in the cylinder, it's time to cap the revolver. USE PROTECTION Use ear and eye protection when shooting percussion revolvers. Cap fragments can fly off and most revolvers are very loud.Abraham Lincoln Colt Pocket Revolver - The Model 1849 Pocket revolver was the most popular cap-and-ball revolver Colt ever made. Featuring a gold trigger, cylinder, and loading lever, it is also heavily engraved. The ivory stocks, now colored with age, have a wonderful carved bust of Lincoln on...A cap and ball percussion sidearm, this specimen is a complete Civil War Colt Model 1860 Army revolver fully functional and in good original condition. In production from 1860 through 1873, these handguns were the successor to the Colt Third Model Dragoon pistols. The Model 1860 Army was the major sidearm in use by U.S.…

And back then (early 1960s) they had to be originals because the replica industry really hadn’t gotten around to doing much besides the “mainstream” items then, like Colt .36 Navy or Remington 1860 .44 Army model cap-and-ball revolvers. cheers. eon Dec 30, 2020 · The Remington conversion features an authentic recoil shield with loading gate. The revolver is placed on half cock and the cylinder is rotated as cartridges are loaded one at a time. Unloading is another matter. It must be kept in mind this revolver is interchangeable with a cap and ball cylinder offered by Taylor and Company.