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We offer a complete line of sample bottles and jars and laboratory bottles and jars. We also provide bottles and jars for pharmaceutical packaging, general packaging, medical use, life sciences, and other general needs. Our bottle selection includes amber and clear glass bottles, safety coated glass bottles, plastic bottles, and dispensing bottles.

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3ml Amber Glass Dropper Bottle. 3ml Amber Glass Dropper Bottle ... England, Colorlites specialise in supplying plain and decorated glass jars and glass bottles to a ...

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Sample Jars for Cosmetics in Various Shapes and Sizes The smaller sample jars for cosmetics can be filled with products and provided directly to clients. They can also be featured as part of a promotional package. Order a jar that comes with a cap and writeable label for the ultimate convenience.

Aluminum cosmetic jars are available in 15 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml, 120 ml, 150 ml, 200 ml, 500 ml, for lipstick, hair wax, solid shoe polish, solid perfume, solid fragrance and other beauty products. Welcome to custom aluminium cosmetic jars from experienced cosmetic packaging manufacturer. Perfume roller bottle - 3ml and 4ml Code: 3M - 3ml Glass Bottle 2.5DJ - 3ml Glass Bottle 3AJY - 3ml Glass Bottle 4HY - 4ml Glass Bottle 2DJ - 4ml Glass Bottle 3.5DJ - 4ml Glass Bottle 5YM - 4.5ml Glass Bottle 4DY - 4ml Glass Bottle *A 3ml and 4ml perfume glass bottle come with roller cap in aluminum or plastic, wood cork diffuser and sprayer. Add Custom Labels for 3 ml Glass Vials 1.375" x 0.75" Oval Labels, White Paper w/ Glossy Finish 1.375" x 0.75" Oval, White Paper Glossy 8061-89c 1000/roll 2500/rol 5000/roll 10000/roll $330.00 Add +